Rokujuri-goe kaido
Old Pilgrimage Road of Dewa

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What is Rokujurigoe-kaido?

“Rokujuri-goe Kaido,” an ancient road connecting the Shonai plain and the inland area of Yamagata prefecture is said to have opened about 1200 years ago. This road was the only road between Shonai and the inland area. It was a rugged mountain road from Tsuruoka city to Yamagata city passing over Matsune, Juo-toge, Oami, Tamugimata and Oguki-toge, then going through Shizu, Hondoji and Sagae. It is said to have existed already in ancient times but it is not clear when this road was opend. The oldest theory says that this road was opened as a governmental road connecting the Dewa kokufu government which was located in Fujishima town (now Tsuruoka city) and the county offices of the Mogami and Okitama areas. But there are many other theories as well.

Shonai in Yamagata Prefecture

In the Muromachi and Edo periods, which were a time of prosperity for mountain warship, it became a lively road with pilgrims not only from the local area, but also from the Tohoku and Kanto areas heading to Mt. Yudono as “Oyama mairi” (mountain pilgrimage) custom was booming. From 30s of the Meiji period (around the 1900s), however, this road was not used much as a new road was opened instead. That is why this ancient road covered in moss is still rich with historic remains we can find easily still now.

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